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ATLANTA (AP) – A kitten rushed through the rafters of Truist Park before the Atlanta Braves set their sights on their fourth straight NL East title against the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday night.

The gray and white cat was discovered soaring along a beam in the upper deck more than an hour before the first pitch, triggering a frenzied attempt by stadium workers to lock up the feline before most of the fans arrived at the stadium.

A handful of early arrivals watched the effort, which involved at least half a dozen workers, a few ladders, a large net, and a thick, padded glove.

“Awww, it’s a kitten,” said one fan.

Clearly frightened, the animal moans as it rushes onto the beam, succeed in avoiding capture for several minutes.

Finally, a worker was able to push the cat off the beam, send it safely in the net. A worker wearing gloves took it away, presumably to be handed over to animal control – and hopefully a new home.

The Truist Park cat was only the latest to break into a gym.

Less than three weeks ago, a cat entered Hard Rock Stadium during Miami’s college football game against Appalachian State.

The animal grabbed one of its paws on the front of the upper deck, leaving it hanging above the lower level.

He eventually fell into an American flag which fans spread like a makeshift net, allowing him to be captured and taken to safety.

Of course, longtime Chicago Cubs fans are still talking about the black cat that roamed the field at Shea Stadium in a crucial 1969 game against the New York Mets.

The feline rounded Ron Santo in the circle on the bridge and paraded past the Cubs canoe before disappearing under the bleachers. Seemingly cursed, Chicago squandered its lead in the NL East and the “Amazin ‘Mets” won the World Series.

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