Adding hitters from bad teams

At the end of the season, the worst baseball teams are often the best targets for fantastic free agents. While everyone is notified when the Yankees or Dodgers call a prospect, rebuilding teams like the Pirates and Rangers offers many lesser-known players a late-season opportunity after relinquishing some of their stars to the trade deadline.

This is especially true for positional players, as pitchers are more affected by playing for weak teams that fail to generate wins or register chances. Here are some hitters who often played on losing teams in August.

Why you might want Hernandez: He performed well this season (.809 OPS) and very well in August (.947 OPS).

Where Hernandez should be listed: In all 12-team leagues, and it can be broadcast in 10-team leagues with five outfielder.

Josh Rojas (2B / SS / OF, D-backs)

Why you might want Rojas: He was a popular draft sleeper in March and rakes (0.997 OPS) in August.

Where Rojas should be registered: In all 12-team leagues and some 10-team formats. Eligibility for three positions certainly helps.

Daulton Varsho (C / OF, D-backs)

Why you might want Varsho: A vaunted prospect and one of the few receivers to steal bases, Varsho splits wide receiver appearances with Carson Kelly and gets outfield opportunities.

Where Varsho should be listed: It should be entered in all two catcher leagues and by those who need to fly in 12 team and one catcher formats.

Why you might want Ortega: The 30-year-old rakes (0.928 OPS in August) while also being the leader of a revamped Cubs team.

Where Ortega should be listed: He should be entered in 10-team leagues with five or less outfielder (until?) His bat cools down.

Frank Schwindel (1B, Cubs)

Why you might want Schwindel: He has hit well in minors this year (.913 OPS) and even better as a member of the Cubs (.940 OPS). Playtime is widely available on an exhausted Cubs roster.

Where Schwindel should be listed: I can see it as a stopgap in the 10-team leagues, and it’s a long-term adjustment in the 12-team formats.

Frank Schwindel took advantage of his opportunity with the Cubs. (AP Photo / Lynne Sladky)

Luis Arraez (2B / 3B / OF, Twins)

Why you might want Arraez: The .323 career hitter is one of the few waivers you can count on to improve your batting average.

Where Arraez should be listed: He should be entered in all 12-team leagues.

Bradley Zimmer (OF, Indians)

Why you might want Zimmer: With five homers and 10 interceptions in 196 at-bat, he has a good mix of power and speed. Zimmer has appeared in nearly every August Indians game.

Where Zimmer should be listed: Depending on your needs, it can be considered in leagues of 12 teams.

Connor Joe (DE, Rockies)

Why you might want Joe: He marked the start and, like all hitters in the Rockies, he rakes at home (1,072 OPS in 2021).

Where Joe should be listed: Right now, nowhere. But please add it in about 10 days when the Rockies return to Coors Field.

Yonny Hernandez (3B, Rangers)

Why you might want Hernandez: He has stolen 21 bases for the Miners this year and has secured starting opportunities for the Rangers.

Where Hernandez should be listed: In Leagues of 15 teams with the possibility of adding 12 teams.

Yohel Pozo (C, Rangers)

Why you might want Pozo: He is eligible for the lowest fantasy position and hit .337 with a .958 OPS in minors this year.

Where Pozo should be listed: In all two-catchers leagues.

Willi Castro (2B / 3B / SS, Tigers)

Why you might want Castro: Possessing a power-speed mix, Castro was a draft sleeper in March that fizzled out for most of the year, but collected two homers and a pair of interceptions in August.

Where Castro should be listed: For now, only in 15-team leagues.

Brandon Marsh (OF, Angels)

Why you might want Marsh: After a slow start to his career in the Major League, the outfielder has reached 0.359 since August 12.

Where Marsh should be listed: Until his strikeout rate improved, Marsh was relegated to 15-team leagues.

Bryan De La Cruz (OF, Marlins)

Why you might want De La Cruz: Playing time is widely available in the Marlins’ outfield and De La Cruz is 0.307.

Where De La Cruz should be listed: He should be entered in all 15-team leagues.

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