Al Morganti receives 2022 Hockey Hall of Fame Media Award


On Monday morning, Ken Carman received a call from a listener named Tom while on his 92.3 The Fan show in Cleveland. On Tuesday, he was still thinking about what Tom had to say.

Tom wasn’t happy that Guardians third baseman José Ramírez wasn’t recognized as one of Major League Baseball’s superstars. According to Tom, it’s at least partly the fault of Ken Carman and everyone else at 92.3 The Fan. Later in the day on Monday, Carman said he was sending emails from listeners who agreed with Tom.

Carman explained that he tries to talk about the topics that interest most of his audience each morning. He learned that it’s not easy to talk about baseball in Cleveland.

“We are at a decisive moment. I don’t want to make a fight out of it, but I want to acknowledge this moment here,” he said Tuesday morning. “Every time we talk about the Guardians, we’re in a bit of a pickle and in the anvil. If I talk about the Guardians and say glowing things about them, well to some people I’m an accomplice and I’m a homer.

It’s not fun to talk about baseball. Carman says every time he brings up the team or has a player or writer on the show, the line of text explodes with people demanding he ask the guest if the team isn’t spending enough to players or change the nickname.

“Every time you talk about baseball, it turns into fan on fan crime, and I don’t want to do that.”

As for José Ramírez, Carman says the fan’s issues should be with Major League Baseball. The league is mostly concerned with talking about the parts of the sport that people hate, like debating whether steroid users from 20 years ago belong in the Hall of Fame rather than the game.

He said if Major League Baseball really wants to market itself better and sell its players better, it should start by going all out. He pointed to the biggest NFL story in the market, saying Rob Manfred should take note of the scant information about DeShaun Watson investigations coming from the NFL.

“They (the NFL) will ignore a problem until the last possible moment when they have to deal with it.”


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