Arizona baseball and basketball teams are hopping on TikTok, and it’s fun!


The Arizona Baseball, Arizona Football, and Arizona Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams are on TikTok and you need to follow them!

TikTok is addicting, let’s be warned. As I do this several times a day, I’m sure some of you reading this can also scroll through the TikTok “For You” thread. Well, I jumped on it, only to see some familiar faces and a beautiful cardinal, white and Arizona / A blue. To my delight, it was the Arizona baseball team!

My first thought was how did TikTok know I wanted to see this post? Then I remembered, I am the Arizona girls’ basketball team, and since I already enjoyed them so much, “cheering” on their posts, commenting and sharing on several other social media platforms, I am now a Arizona Wildcats official fan on TikTok!

While it’s all in the algorithm, I had no idea this content was coming straight from @ tcasa13 (Tyler Casagrande) TikTok account, and I had missed it so much!

Casagrande recently considered transferring when his former head coach took on another job, but Arizona then hired Chip Hale and Tyler decided to stay, much to the delight of fans.

Tyler is a .208 career hitter (one homerun, 11 RBIs in 72 at-bat). Our site expert Eric Townsend wrote, “Last season was by far his best as Tyler finished the year with a respectable 0.244 batting average, one homerun and seven RBI on 41 batters.

Personally, I was very happy when I heard the news because continuity is everything and Casagrande is a fantastic young man and a talented baseball player. He also happens to have a great sense of humor.

I’d seen a lot of other teams jump up and flaunt a fun trend, like the Los Angeles Rams, and other NFL teams and college basketball teams did too. And one of the funniest videos I’ve seen included a player walking through the locker room asking his teammates: “[Insert Name Here] Who wouldn’t let go out with your daughter?

Note that the players are not seated in a circle to answer this question, they are scattered around the baseball facilities and locker rooms. Maybe they’re getting acupuncture treatment, sitting in front of their locker, going out into the field, eating, or walking down the hall. They are all happy to respond even if they are caught off guard.

With each of these answers, another tendency tends to emerge: the majority of players nominate one or two players for the most part. As is well known in the team who is a “player” when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. One of the most popular players mentioned by his teammates, don’t worry I won’t give it away, is also interviewed. And he doesn’t name himself but names the other most frequently cited player. So funny.

So, I delved into Tyler’s posts on TikTok, and he asked players what their dream team in Vegas was (name three players you want to go to Vegas with). You will never guess who made most of the player lists. Yes, the same players they wouldn’t let their daughter date. Hilarious! The team also participates in their version of synchronized dance.

With the Arizona women’s basketball team, they’re very creative, they’re great dancers, and they have a lot of fun together. Coach Adia Barnes is also stepping into the action. Sam Thomas also has an account, and she shared some fun times with the squad throughout the final last year, you can follow Sam @ samm_t14.

In the meantime, we’ll be challenging Head Baseball Coach Chip Hale to join in on the action soon too!

Arizona Men’s Basketball also has an account, and you can follow them at @arizonambb. While writing this post, I found and followed their account! And football too? Yes! Follow Arizona Football on @arizonafootball. My feed will soon be made up entirely of Wildcats!

Remember the Arizona team that competed in the College World Series and lost in the last round of the final game? This team had a ton of chemistry and made and documented a lot of enjoyable videos.

I’m wondering if there are any stats or correlations in baseball regarding a team that enjoys producing content and that is an indication of a great season ahead. If there isn’t, there should be, and Arizona should be near the top at this point.

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