Baseball Powerhouse Homer Junior High Reflects State Title | Locking


After a one-day weather report from the final match, the team finally faced a hard-hitting Downstate Morton Junior High School side for the title. With the season on the line, Button handed the ball over to pitcher Chris Miller, who held Morton’s powerful side in check in Homer’s 4-1 win.

“Chris actually had very limited experience over the summer on the mound, but he stepped up when his team needed him and did an amazing job that day to help us win the championship. ‘State,’ Button said.

It’s times like this, when his young players have rallied with a teammate or escaped a traffic jam, that Button will return with such pride when he thinks about this season. He will also remember how the community rallied around this team – from parents to the litany of emails and texts of encouragement and congratulations from residents to the signs hanging on the windows of many local businesses.

And as the team enjoys an extended victory lap recognizing its accomplishment. Including a reunion of all schools in Homer, recognition at two local council meetings and a halftime ceremony at a Lockport high school football game, Button is thankful his players are doing well. with the prospect that their magical season meant more than just stacking up wins and hoists a trophy.

For them, as for him, the championship was the culmination of an incredible few months of hard work, sacrifice and teamwork – not to mention the daily joy – that they will fondly remember for the rest. of their life.

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