Cale Makar Rookie Card explodes



I haven’t collected cards in a long, long time. I guess I bought my last real pack around 1985 or so. But, from about 1972 until 1985, I bought at least 10 packs a week of the four major sports. Cards cost 10 cents a pack in the 70s and I got an allowance of $1 a week. So every time I got that dollar I would go to the local convenience store and buy 10 packs of whatever was in season. I saved them all and had enough shrewd intuition as a high school punk kid to know they might be valuable one day.

And then my mom threw them all away when I was in college. To be fair to her, my first cat, Ollie, urinated on a box of open cards in my bedroom closet, which created an ungodly stench and caused my mother to throw away almost everything nearby, namely the thousands of original cards from the 1970s and early. 1980s cards.

I had a ton of good cards – multiple Walter Payton rookies, lots of Mike Schmidt rookies, one Gretzky rookie. All thrown in the trash. I once had a t-shirt that said “Once I was a millionaire, but my mom threw away my baseball cards.” In reality, it would never have been so much, not even close.

Back when I was at the Denver Post, I did an article on Bill’s Sports Collectibles and asked the owner, Bill Vezas, how much my cards would have sold for. He said “A few thousand dollars” but that was it. The cards that make you rich are things like Mickey Mantle’s Rookies and really older cards. Some new cards can definitely get hot, and the card industry, after a dormant period, is relatively strong again.

Which brings me to the value of Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar’s rookie card. In a nutshell, the map is hot.

As you can see from the image above, there is a Makar rookie on Ebay where the asking price is $2,474.95. There are others that have current bid prices of $600 or more, with plenty of existing bids and plenty of time left on the clock. The 2019 “Young Guns” Upper Deck is considered Makar’s true rookie card. This is the one you want to get.

I would absolutely expect Makar’s rookie to become more valuable over time. Who knows, it could be some kind of “holy grail” card. Good hunt.

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