DATER’S DAILY: Commerce Vegas-Montreal, Tortorella in Philadelphia


On this day off, Friday, between Games 1 and 2, let’s do some NHL notes, links, observations and the like, starting with that big exchange yesterday that no one seems to have noticed, between Montreal and Vegas involving Shea Weber.

  • Well, maybe the reason no one cared is that Shea Weber will probably never play an NHL game again (Montreal Hockey Now)
  • John Tortorella is the new Flyers coach. Here we get the full breakdown of the reasons, from our own Sam Carchidi (Philly Hockey Now)
  • I do not know. I just wonder why team after team after team continues to invest heavily in Torts, when he seems to have a shelf life of around three to four years, tops, with any team before they are running out. I actually really like guys like Torts – no frills, sometimes politically incorrect. But that sounds too much like a retread rental.
  • Pittsburgh folks are still wondering if Evgeni Malkin makes sense in terms of cap, everything, moving forward (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • The latest on Johnny Gaudreau’s contract situation in Calgary (Calgary Hockey Now)
  • Random link on a great late baseball announcer (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • “Unrivaled” – the story of the Avalanche-Red Wings rivalry, will air June 26 on ESPN and also ESPN+. All the big stars will be on it, with cool highlights. Yours truly will also participate. Hey, if you want to get a head start on what the rivalry was like, I wrote a book about it (Amazon)
  • My old friend Mike Russo from Minnesota has a great story here on Minnesotan Erik Johnson (The Athletic)
  • A story about Jack Johnson (Hockey News)
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