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It wasn’t the first game my eldest son was in, but it was the first for my younger son. They were around 7 and 9 years old and we were about to sit down with their uncle Marc at a Jackson Bandits ice hockey game.

My oldest, Tobie, had gone to a Mississippi Sea Wolves game on the coast for a birthday party, but other than signing a miniature hockey stick, he paid a lot more attention to his friends than to the game. . Besides, we were in the nosebleed seats anyway.

This time, however, we had boxes donated by Marc’s employer and we were right behind the glass. Marc and I were excited for the game, but the boys? Not so much, especially Devon, the youngest.

The game had just started as we made our way to the box. As we were about to sit down, a player’s face slammed into the glass inches from the boys’ faces and blood spattered.

Pause. “COOOOOL !!!!” They shouted in unison and two hockey fans were born.

I don’t know if they watch it on TV like I do, but there’s just something about being at a live action match.

In early 2020, the Shreveport Mudbugs were playing on a weekend when we visited our daughters in Louisiana. The game also had a Star Wars theme, so I figured they would have a good time even if they didn’t like the game.

So my wife and our three daughters – Jessica, Britain and Emma – went to the game with our jackets and skullcaps on and I asked the girls to please me. Try to have a good time.

They didn’t have to try. They enjoyed all the sci-fi shenanigans – like a full-size Millennium Falcon cockpit setup, a full-size R2D2 droid, and Chewbacca riding the Zamboni.

But they also enjoyed watching the game. Hockey is constant movement and a lot of action. As each of my hockey passionate friends has said, “If you don’t like hockey, you’ve never seen a game live.

A friend of ours got to see the Boston Bruins – one of my two favorite pro teams, with the Edmonton Oilers – not too long ago. He is now a hockey fan. I even bought a jersey.


How to make an ice hockey fan.

1. Take a person who has never seen a hockey game.

2. Add ice cream (a game in person).

3. Let him do what he does.

Performance: A hockey fan.

One day a while ago my wife walked into the living room to see our oldest daughter Jessica watching an NHL game on TV.

“You broke my child! My wife yelled at me.

When my son Devon was a student at Delta State, we went to a Mississippi River Kings game in Southaven. We sat behind the glass for only a few dollars more per ticket than the upper atmosphere seats.

We cheered and shouted for the River Kings and a player from the Pensacola Ice Flyers played playfully at us. When that same player passed next to us a few minutes later, he slapped the glass with his stick and startled us both. I think we laughed as much as he did.

What can I say ? Hockey is just a lot of fun for me.

We have plans to take our friend Sean Dietrich and his wife Jamie to a Pensacola game as soon as possible. He’s a baseball fanatic, but I assured him he’ll love hockey, too, once he sees it in person.

My son Devon and his wife recently moved to Columbus, Ohio, home of the Blue Jackets. I would visit them anyway, but during hockey season it would be even better if we could see a game.

Jessica recorded the Bruins game for me the other night because I was at a reunion and she thought I would like to see it, even though Boston lost.

When my wife and I got home from work a few days ago, Jessica was watching an NHL game on a big screen TV.

I was still outside, but I could hear my wife yelling at me.

“You broke my child! ”

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