Fantasy Baseball Category Analysis: Gavin Lux, Brendan Rodgers, Michael Fulmer


That’s it. The last week is finally upon us! Congratulations to all who are leading the peloton or still fighting for position. And for the rest of you, well, there’s always next year. Plus, it’s only week 3 in football!

It was quite a journey after playing a 60-game season last year, but for those of us who love it, baseball season still seemed to pass. It was a blast, to say the least. And I hope you were able to take my advice and add a lot of very profitable players throughout the year while they were still under the radar. This will be the last track in this series for the season, so thank you all for listening, and hope you came out on top.

If you are still in the running, however, and are about to show up in a few of the top categories, so watch out! There is still work to do! Lucky for you, there are still a handful of high-value, undervalued and unlisted targets that can still make a difference.

To wrap up my series of categorized waiver thread additions throughout the season, these 10 players can push you over the top and hopefully win you that big prize or bragging rights that you got yourself into. beaten all season. These stallions are all registered in less than 50% of the Yahoo leagues and can help you in at least one of the main categories. Most will help you in more than one way, with their main contributions falling into the category in which they are listed.

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Batting average

Gavin Lux (2B / SS / OF – CONT): 43%
Lux has been on fire this month, so it’s no surprise he’s been Dave Robert’s favorite player to replace injured starters. The infielder, who now plays the outfield, struck six times in a row, resulting in a batting average of 0.474 and an OPS of 1.313. For the month, the former Dodgers’ top prospect hits 0.444 and looks a lot like the kid who nearly hit 0.400 in triple A.

Lux has some power and a bit of speed, but his main attribute will be the number of hits he delivers by October 4th. The Dodgers are still fighting for the division title, so it will be meaningful baseball in Los Angeles, starting with the hard-hitting Arizona Diamondbacks. Pick up Lux ASAP to help you give that final push to get you ahead of the batting average.


Brendan Rodgers (2B / SS – COL): 27%
Brendan Rodgers, are you interested? It’s surprising to see the Rockies second baseman still registered in so few leagues. The numbers he posted in the second half should have made him an obvious addition a long time ago.

Since the star break, the Rocky Mountain phenomenon has been fantastic, producing an SLG of .500 with a wOBA of .361 while maintaining an average close to .300. He’s well established in the Rockies’ two-hole, hitting .305 for September, with five homers, 13 RBIs and 13 runs scored (including seven last week). The remaining nine games are to be played at Coors, so expect more stable production from the 25-year-old. Add Rodgers immediately to help boost almost any offensive category.

Home Runs

Jarred Kelenic (OF – SEA): 47%
This guy, Jarred Kelenic. No player has taken fantastic managers on a roller coaster ride like Kelenic did. The 21-year-old went from an overly publicized perspective to an overly degraded “bust” in just a few months. However, now that he has apparently regained his timing, fantasy players are singing his praises again. Amusing.

While the enigmatic flyer is Crushing the baseballs, he’s still hard to count on, given he’s been atrocious against the Angels so far, and six of his last nine games are against them. Still, there’s nothing to take away from the power he’s shown this month (six dingers), and the Angels will likely bring in a few young rookies he’s never faced before. So if you are in a tight race in the circuits then it is definitely worth adding.


Hunter Dozier (1B / 3B / OF – KC): 18%
My favorite even more than the future Mariners center fielder is current Royals cornerman Hunter Dozier. Dozier can To be called a bust this year after playing so poorly for most of the season, but the 30-year-old is finally showing signs of life. Dozier’s OPS for September is nearly 1,000 while clubbing five home runs and driving 12. The sudden explosion shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as he has slowly increased his production since the star break and recorded a .522 SLG in 2019.

What’s even more appealing is that he will end the year against Cleveland and Minnesota, the two clubs he has performed best against. Dozier has already mashed eight long balls and hit 20 RBIs against them (in under 100 batters), and the way he raked, you have to believe production will continue. The Royals will give him every chance to keep building up momentum next season, so expect a lot more from the mighty Dozier in the last few days. Add it now.

Stolen bases

Nick Gordon (2B / SS / OF – MIN): 5%
Nick Gordon is FAST, and now he’s hitting. With 11 hits in his last seven games, including two home runs, the young rookie should be in the lineup every day to end the year. He has up to 10 stolen bases this season, including three last week, and will likely add a few more before it’s all said and done. Gordon can add a point or two for you to the leaderboard if you’re in a battle for thefts, and it’s available in almost every league. Add it now.


Kris Bubic (SP / RP – KC): 11%
Bubic has been great lately, knocking out his last three opponents. He’s really only had two bad games in his last 12 and allowed just two earned runs or less in nine of those last 12 starts. He’s been quietly impressive for the Royals and is lined up to face Detroit and Minnesota in his last two starts. Bubic has only pitched 116.1 innings during the year, so I doubt they limit him too much in his last two games. It is worth the bet if you are up close in ERA.


Wily Peralta (SP / RP – DET): 15%
Wily Peralta was a good addon last week and should have little trouble keeping up the good times. He’s lined up to face the Royals this weekend, followed by a meaningless game in early October where Tony La Russa will likely rest some of his starters.

Peralta, at 32 and playing on a one-year contract, will be motivated to continue his solid game (3.04 ERA) to help land a lucrative contract next season. He’s also not someone the Tigers need to take care of them, so he should have no problem making it all five innings in both games to qualify for a win. Plus, he’s only pitched 83 innings all season. Add Peralta now and hope his lightless split finger continues to keep hitters at bay.


Mikolas Miles (SP – STL): 10%
The Cardinals go mad, just like Miles Mikolas. After looking like a practice batting pitcher earlier in the month, the veteran right-hander has had solid back-to-back starts. He knocked out the Padres in nearly six innings, then ousted the Brewers, lasting seven innings, while allowing just two runs on four goalless hits. The Lizzard King seems to be back to his old self, and with the Cardinals looking nearly unstoppable, expect the same from the Florida native. Add Mikolas to help lower your WHIP and break that close tie in your ranking.

Crossed out

Jon Gray (SP – COL): 28%
If you’re looking for strikeouts, a starter who still has a pair of full 5-innings and more starts is virtually guaranteed is your best bet. And judging by the schedule, Jon Gray is your man. Line-up to face SF and Arizona, Gray will face two teams he has already totaled 48K against in just 45.1 innings this year. The Rocky Mountain ace (almost ace?) Has had its ups and downs, but strikeouts can still be counted on. At this point your ERA and total WHIP won’t move much one way or the other, but a few more strikeouts can have a huge impact. Add some gray now if a few more deserved runs won’t hurt you, but 12-15k will make a difference.

Checked in

Michael Fulmer (SP / RP – DET): 27%
There are a lot of names that could make a handful of saves in a stride, but I really like what Micheal Fulmer has been up to lately. With three saves in the last week and a half and the Tigers winning ball games, I think Fulmer is a good candidate to add at least a few more before the end of the season.

Since returning from IL near the All-Star break, Fulmer has allowed just one earned run in three games. And that’s more than 24 appearances! The starter who came close looked extremely impressive, and with an easy schedule including a makeup match (giving them 10 more games), the Tigers should have their fair share of save opportunities. Add Fulmer before it’s too late if you need a few more backups.

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