Genevieve Beacom becomes first woman to pitch for professional baseball team in Australia


There was a story to be made in Australia on Saturday.

Meet Geneviève Beacom. The 17-year-old left-handed pitcher became the first female to pitch for a professional team, the Melbourne Aces, in Australia.

While the Aces suffered a 7-1 loss to the Adelaide Giants in the Melbourne Challenge Series, Beacom allowed no hits or runs in a single inning of work. As Giants forward Griffin Weber rose to first place, she recorded one out against Brock Wells, followed by a walk and a second out by Darcy Barry.

Then, with two runners on base, Beacom got Jack Partington to fly off to end the round.

Beacom, who played youth baseball in Australia, has signed as a developmental player with the team for the 2022-23 season. When taking the mound in her debut, Beacom said she just wanted to stop the Giants from scoring.

“When I got out I just wanted to stop [and stop] the tracks, ”Beacom said. “They had some momentum and my goal was to prevent the races from scoring.”

Beacom has previously pitched in the Victorian Summer Baseball League, becoming the first woman to pitch in that league while also becoming the first woman named to the Victoria Under-16 Baseball team.

Beacom is up for the challenge of being the first woman in this league and has encouraged all women to pursue their dreams.

“If someone is trying to push you into doing something you don’t want to do, pushing you into playing softball or playing a sport that you ‘should be playing’ don’t listen,” Beacom said.

“Do whatever you want to do and just know that if you work hard enough you can definitely be successful somewhere. It’s not impossible, you can see it, it can be done.

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