Good sign for Tennessee football if Baseball Vols reach CWS


There have been five different seasons that have lost games due to an MLB lockout or strike. The most serious example is in 1994, when the World Series was canceled and the start of the 1995 season was delayed. Yes, two of the five seasons were hit-based.

However, as this strike happened, Tennessee football and baseball had a lot of positives to celebrate. The history of that strike suggests that the recent MLB lockout potentially delaying the start of this season, a first since 1995, could bode well for the Vols.

That year, 1995, with Todd Helton playing baseball, Rod Delmonico led the Vols to the first of three College World Series appearances in his 18 years there. They were riding high as a program, as they won their third straight SEC Tournament and second straight SEC Regular Season Championship.

Meanwhile, Tennessee football was about to enter its most successful run of the modern era. It all started with the 1994 team, in which Helton was ironically part along with Peyton Manning. They went 8-4 after a 1-3 start just as the World Series was called off.

After the College World Series in 1995 and the takeover of Major League Baseball, the football team was ready to take over. They started a four-year run in which they went 45-5 with two SEC championships, a national championship and no seasons finished outside the top 10 or with fewer than 10 wins.

Things are actually similar right now. The Baseball Vols are coming in strong this season. Sure, they made the College World Series last year, but there’s no reason to believe Tony Vitello’s team won’t be able to do it again this year given the way things have gone. held at the start of the year.

If they do it during a strike, Tennessee football is set for an epic run. Honestly, all the steps are also provided for this. Similar to the 1995 Vols, the 2022 Vols have the set after a year of rebuilding in 2021, where they went 7-6 under a first-year head coach.

Does that mean Vol fans should support MLB’s lockdown? Well, if you pay attention to history, yes. Additionally, the pre-1994–95 strike that resulted in games being canceled and being unable to make up for them occurred a decade earlier, in 1985. In August of that year, the league canceled 25 games, and while 23 were caught, two were lost. .

Does anyone remember what happened in 1985? Tennessee football went 9-1-2 and won its first SEC championship in 16 years. It also started the modern era hit that peaked in the mid to late 1990s.

Given all of this, any cancellation of games is going to help the Flights. Sometimes omens mean something, and if you look at how things have gone for the Flights in the past, the cancellation of baseball games must mean something to them.

If Tennessee baseball hits the CWS and the MLB lockout delays the start of the season, watch out. Tennessee football could be destined for a takeover later in the fall, and it’s something all Vol fans would welcome in a heartbeat.


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