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Charles Chaney
BCTG Sports Writer

With fall sports practices just 19 days away here in Kansas State, we’re diving headfirst into our football previews with a breakdown of some freshmen and sophomores who might see weather at the University level.

We spoke to coaches, teammates and coaches from other teams and our goal was to find those underclassmen who could have an impact at the college level. While you wouldn’t expect a ton of players to have this immediate impact, there’s still a roster.

This is the first episode of our high school fall sports preview.

Here’s the best Butler County underclass football to watch this season:

Andover Central

Central QB, Jace Jefferson, taking reps in camp this summer. courtesy Central football twitter

Jace Adler
WR/DB, second year

Adler at 6ft already gives the Jaguars some size on the wings. The coaches are delighted with his football IQ and his hands. With Bronx Wood and Cooper Tabor already supplanted in their places, Adler could find himself that third receiver, forcing more individual coverage with Wood and Tabor.

Gaye Hurley
TE/DE, second year

Hurley saw time as a college freshman. He should be up for a starting position on the defensive line and he’s the one you’d expect to see in rotation if he isn’t. He’s been in camps this summer, really doing extra work for the Jaguars.

Jace Jefferson
QB, second year

You may know Jefferson from the baseball field, but he’s causing a quarterback battle on the gridirion. With the graduation of Blue-Gray All-American, Kai Kunz, the second will fight with Braden Barscewski for the position of quarterback this year.

Dawson Rodd
OL/DL, second year

The Jaguars lost a handful of lead at graduation last year, which opened the door for Dawson Rodd to step in and fight for a starting position. He could be anywhere from defensive tackle to quarterback butt protection.


Devin Carroll
OL/DL, second year

Carroll had a great freshman year, especially in the Orioles weight room. He is expected to be a Day 1 starter and as the season progresses you are likely to see him on both sides of the ball consistently.

Jacques Hall
Offensive tackle, second year

Hall could be an instrumental player for the Orioles this season. He was invited to some key camps over the summer and put some work into his preparation for the offseason.

Gabe Kohls
OL/DL, second year

Much like Hall and Carroll, Kohls is another potential lineman to watch. With the flex bone being so reliant on the running game, it’s no surprise you see another guy in the trenches on this list. Kohls could see some time this season.

West Hunter
Defense, first year

A freshman who finds college time at 4A is unique but not unheard of. The Orioles expect freshman Hunter West to factor in somewhere on defense this season.


A few key returning players for Bluestem will be underclasses. COURTESY Nicole Hiedeman

Korbin Hebb
WR/DB, second year

Hebb had a good run last year as a rookie and is expected to be back on the court this season for the Lions. He’s a quick lad who will start around the corner and see time at wide receiver.

Ayden Mashaney
QB/RB/DE, second year

Mashaney was one of the Bluestem Lions’ yardage leaders last season. He’s expected to compete for the quarterback position this season and he might see time to run again if he doesn’t. He’s a solid defensive end with speed on the edge.

Brady himself
OL/LB, second year

The Lions are strengthening their offensive line and that’s where Brady Self comes in. He’s put in the work in the weight room and he’s fighting for a starting spot on the offensive line.

secular vice
FB/DB, second year

Considered a “Swiss army knife”, expect Vice to do anything and go where the Lions are told. He has the speed and strength to fight anywhere. With the graduation of Landon Wilson, Vice could be that type of all-around player for the Lions.

Brody Vienna
RB/RB, second year

Another sophomore who will be a college player for the Lions will be Wiening. He will run the ball and catch passes in the flat. He will use that speed at linebacker for defense.


Keaton Koenigsman
TE/LB, second year

Koenigsman’s height translates well on the football pitch. Known for his basketball abilities, he will hunt running backs and quarterbacks at linebacker for the Thunderbirds this season.

Ben McAdoo
WR/DB, second year

The Thunderbirds have a strong reception with the potential to see Ben McAdoo in the rotation this season. With the loss of Luke McGinnis, McAdoo could be the one to fill the missing hole.

Westin Pink
RB/LB, second year

With Dylan Bougher’s graduation, there’s a place to be had in the lightning-thunder combo he had with Cannon McCormack last season. He’s clocked 4.56 for 40 yards and could be that second in the 1-2 punch for the Thunderbirds. He saw action in a handful of games last season.

Stephens Co.
TE/DE, second year

At 6-foot-195, Coy Stephens provides a size for the Thunderbirds. He’ll be able to build speed at the end and hopefully find pressure in the backfield. He will compete for the tight end on the attacking side of the ball and for the defensive end on the defensive side.


Kyler Moore
QB/RB/DB, second year

Kyler Moore saw action as a rookie, with a handful of opportunities, playing in five of their nine games. As he has matured, the sophomore will compete for both running back and quarterback positions this season. You will see him using his speed to start on the defensive side of the ball.

Jace Picher
FB/DL, second year

After a season where he was a full-time starter as a rookie, the Bulldogs could try to find a way to use Pichler more, putting him on the defensive end. Last season, if there had been a freshman team, he would have been in there with over 50 tackles and a few turnovers recovered.


Zac Jacobs
DB, second year

Jacobs is known for his baseball skill, but what he brings with him is his speed and IQ. A smart player who can keep up with receivers has the potential to be a defensive specialist for the Wildcats.

Bronson Larimer
OL/DL/LB, second year

Larimer could slip into a new position as the Wildcats eye him for center position with a few lineout moves. He will see time in the top four but can come out at the back position.

Kru Sanchez
DL/OL, second year

Kru Sanchez will fight for playing time on both lines. He has experience ahead of him but he will have his shot.

Bryden Soper
WR, second year

While offense doesn’t dictate many passes, you might see sophomore Bryden Soper dress up and catch a few passes for the Wildcats this season under freshman head coach Brandon Wise.


Levi Beard
OL/DL, freshman

Beard could step in and make an immediate impact for the Mustangs who just made their first playoff appearance in a few seasons. They have a few holes to fill and Beard could be one of those guys to help.

Isaiah Fulkerson
TE/DE, first year student

Fulkerson with his size can be used the same way they used Brandon Gleason last season. They expect him to be a force to be reckoned with on the defensive front.

jack hunter
QB/WR/CB, Freshman

Perhaps the quarterback of the future? While there may be time in it, it will allow Lowmaster to use his skills in other ways this season. He’ll split wide and could be a big corner for the Mustangs.

Mason Randall
OL/DE, freshman

Another one of those names you should get used to in Flinthills. Randall will be like Beard, patching some of the holes up front as part of this strong first-year class for the Mustangs.

Jaxon Swafford
TE/LB, freshman

Swafford wants to fly to the ball and in a tough quarter he will get the chance. He’ll play a few tight ends on the attacking side and into the ball at 8, that means he’ll likely see some runs too.


Kole Klaassen (11) is one of Remington’s top returners this season. courtesy of RHS Yearbook

isaac jury
QB/LB, second year

With Braden Scribner’s graduation, Isaac Jury will step in and try to fill those shoes. He will also be a good linebacker for the Broncos. There are some at Remington who are excited to see what Jury can do under center this season.

Kole Klaassen
RB/LB, second year

Klaassen was spectacular for the Broncos last season. He ran more than 400 meters, while sharing races with three other people. Despite the lower carries of all three, he had the highest yards-per-carry average. He was also tied for second in touchdowns.

Pink Hill

Milan Colvin
OL/DL, second year

Colvin, a state finalist wrestler, was a big contributor to the Rockets last season. He’s one of the reasons the Rockets managed to put on a big offensive game last season, winning two of their final games of the year.

Rose Hill’s Milan Colvin will be a second impact this season. courtesy picture

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