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Cedar Point’s journey portion of the summer is in the books and my 9-year-old son’s mid-game streak continues

On Saturday, after releasing Saturday Screencaps Lite, we piled into the car for the quick trip to Sandusky to tackle one of the must-do items of the FUN summer itinerary in the form of Cedar Point. I’ll save you guys several paragraphs from our day. I’m just here to pump the punches and quick thoughts on a Monday morning.

  1. Weather: Absolutely perfect. Honestly, it might have been the best time in Cedar Point history. 75-77. Very little wind. No clouds when we arrived. A few clouds later in the day, but nothing crazy. The wind picked up later in the day, but it was still so hot that my wife didn’t need her jacket as usual.
  2. Crowds: Didn’t feel cramped. There are always areas of the park that are congested, but that wasn’t anything crazy. Upon entering, I thought to myself that it was going to be blocked because of the weather. Then we got there at noon and it was relaxed. Parking was fine. Entry went well.
  3. Lines: nothing longer than 45 minutes that we saw. The first coaster of the day was Magnum and it was supposed to take no more than 30 minutes. I’m thinking more like 25 minutes. Then there was a wooden roller coaster in the Frontier area and it was like 30 minutes which was surprising. And at the end of the day, we knocked out Gatekeeper in about 35 minutes. It’s not like when I was a teenager and went to Cedar Point and Magnum stood in line for two hours.
  4. People watching: still undefeated. I should probably get a season pass and park on one of the rocking chairs in the Frontier section of the park and just watch humanity pass by. I can’t get enough of the shirts people wear at the park. I can’t get enough of families with wagons that now have awnings, cup holders, bag holders. The new wagons are like the Jeep Wagoneers of the amusement park industry.
  5. Tats: I’ve never seen so many people who look like they don’t have a pot to pee in and yet they have 40 tattoos. Visiting Cedar Point is definitely an eye opener for consumerism and what people spend their money on.
  6. Midway Games: The last time we were at Cedar Point, in 2019, our son would have been six years old and he wanted to play a BAD midway game. So we bent the knee and allowed him to pick a game. One and that’s it. He picked up the bottles of milk. My wife and I just looked at each other thinking there would be tears and it wouldn’t be pretty. Then he comes forward and knocks down all the bottles on the first throw. It was easily one of the best sporting moments I have ever seen with my own eyes. I’m not one to brag about my kids very easily, but this moment is forever in my back pocket. So on Saturday, we allowed him to keep his streak alive. He chooses the basketball game – make a shot, win a basketball. I even splurged and bought him three shots. Everyone knows the rim is tiny. My wife and I look at each other. Then our son steps forward and hits the first shot, immediate winner and off we go to get on the carousel and hit the parking lot.
  7. Landscaping: I’ve reached the age where I pay attention to the number of flowers Cedar Point plants. They stepped up their game. The gardens looked amazing. I encourage TNML members making trips to Cedar Point to pay close attention to the small details of the CP field crew. They do a great job.

• Doug from Omaha writes:

I hope you have fun at the Point! My 1st posting after pilot training, we chose to go to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton OH. One of the reasons was to see a different part of the country and my reason was to be close to some amusement parks because I love roller coasters. So at the time, we had Kings Island, Six Flags Ohio/Geauga Lake, and Cedar Point. I’ve only been to Le Point twice, but it was my heaven on earth. Have fun and I’d love to hear from your family and which Rollercoaster is everyone’s favorite.

Because we had our 5 year old this meant we couldn’t knock out 10 coasters in one day. Also, my body couldn’t take the beatings after Magnum anymore. I will say this, Gatekeeper is awesome. I could have ridden it half a dozen times and wanted more. I love the feeling of that initial drop where the coaster flips you over and suspends you before dropping and going into a loop.

There might be a return trip this summer to get more.

• Mig ​​writes:

I wanted to congratulate you on taking the family to Cedar Point on a Saturday. As a veteran with 4 kids within 2 hours of CP and a guy who worked there 2 summers in the 80’s, Saturday is absolutely the worst day to go to Cedar Point. It shows a commitment beyond expectations. Saturday is the day any group capable of filling a charter bus, school bus, short bus or 15-passenger van shows up, clogging the queues for the best rides. I salute your commitment to the family..,

By the way, in the early 80s, college kids actually did most of the summer jobs at CP. They didn’t complain it was $3.35 an hour. Imagine college kids from Toledo, BG, UM, MSU, PITT, OSU, Miami, Akron, Kent, and many other smaller colleges nearby, gathering for the summer with no schoolwork and everyone getting a paycheck on Friday .. Cedar Fair Limited also had an employee activity center (bar and grill) on site where you got the same discounted CP food and $2.72 for a 72 oz pitcher of draft beer. You can hitchhike from the dorms on the property to a dive called Louies for 25-cent beers and dogs. Rolling Rock if I remember correctly.

There was a ballroom above the arcade on the main street. On Wednesdays they would bring groups for a dance and sell cans of farm beer for 0.75 cents I think. Michael Stanley Band was there a few times a summer. The dorms were segregated by gender but the rules for entering and leaving the dorms were very suspicious.

I could go on but you get the picture. It was two beautiful summers.

Times are changing, Mig. I saw several kids wearing video game t-shirts, one of which stuck out, “I paused my game to be here.” There were several blank faces of children who don’t come out very often to experience real entertainment.

The Vols go down to the Irish and the fans celebrate

• Bill H. writes:

Capitalizing on Delta Bravo’s image of the Tennessee baseball team, some Vols fans proudly wore t-shirts with “CLASSLESS VS CATHOLICS” printed on them, evoking the classic “CATHOLICS VS CONVICTS” t-shirts from 1998 when ND was playing football in Miami. Some of the Vol players really put their “ass” in “class”, proving it time and time again with vigorous display throughout regional and super regional games. Karma makes me laugh.

• Texas A&M fan Chris B. in Houston writes:

Vols, we’re an amazing team, but they were so disrespectful to the game that the baseball gods put them down. “Let the kids play” and have fun all day. But don’t let them be assholes.

Suburban wins

• Dane in Missouri writes:

So my HOA recently changed trash service and, to put it lightly, most of the neighborhood isn’t happy about it. The previous service gladly accepted boxes etc. as long as they were disassembled and placed next to the trash can. The new service refuses to take anything not in the bin, trying to charge residents for a second bin. I put them to the test last week to see what they considered “in the trash” and I’m happy to report a victory on this question.

One of my proudest moments sticking it to unbearable companies. I’m not sure how much easier it is to take this than little ventilated boxes on the side of the trash can, but I’ll take it. The best part of the ordeal was that the HOA sent out an email touting the savings of switching to the new provider, then sent a follow-up email stating that those savings would not be reflected in our dues. I definitely need more HOA battle stories from readers. Congratulations on your debut as a Little League manager.

Raise hell and praise Dale

• Harvey D. writes:

Clean old photos from my phone. I came across this one. Napoleon OH. It’s been a few years since 2017 I think. A classic homage to another classic. The Chevette, what a selling point, but everyone and every car aspires to greatness! These things were the first common car for those of us in the late 80’s. I don’t know who owns this car, but it’s still badass!

Tuesday’s weather

How does Lake Erie affect the weather here? Here’s a fun lesson on why my wife has to take a jacket pretty much all the time when we get anywhere within five miles of the lake. Vegas heat inland. Beautiful day for Cedar Point.

Let’s start the week here. The heat is officially on and it’s time to post some fiery blog posts.

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