Hockey Things: What caught our attention (May 23 edition)


Mike Myers appeared on TV wearing a Buffalo Sabers jersey, Alphonso Davies showed his love for the Edmonton Oilers and the Vegas Golden Knights have a stunning new affiliate.

Avry Lewis-McDougall reflects on some of the best moments from the past week:

Ghost Pirates, Silver Knights and Golden Knights: what a trio

Some of the best names in sports come from the minor leagues.

So, enter the Savannah Ghost Pirates.

Even though the team was last October, the team managed to get a whole new jolt of excitement after officially signing as a Vegas Golden Knights affiliate.

The Golden Knights and Silver Knights branding has been great, and the Ghost Pirates now have their own cool and unique branding. Heck, check out neon green!

Savannah is no stranger to big team names – just ask fans of the Savannah Bananas baseball team. Let’s hope their on-ice performances match their impressive looks.

Edmonton soccer king returns home

Young king of Bayern Munich? To verify. About to represent Canada at its first Men’s World Cup in 36 years? To verify. Present for the Battle of Alberta? You bet.

One of Canada’s best young soccer players, Alphonso Davies, has always made it known that he is a die-hard Oilers fan. And like most Edmonton players, he was thrilled with his team’s victory in Game 3.

Davies and his teammate, Calgarian Sam Adgebke, have a betting streak going on, with the loser donating to the winning team’s charity.

Great joke, and a great cause. Smiles everywhere for everyone.

The love guru represents the Sabers

Mike Myers’ love of hockey is well known. He’s a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan, but on an episode of The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, he appeared in a Buffalo Sabers jersey to show his love to the city after the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo.

No matter which team you support, supporting a city and its people after a tragedy is a great gesture.


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