‘I never chased that dream of becoming a professional basketball player’: When Michael Jordan confessed baseball was his first love


Basketball legend Michael Jordan never considered his huge success, admitting he found more success in baseball growing up.

Widely considered one of the greatest hardwood walkers in the NBA, Michael Jordan’s first love wasn’t playing ball. The Bulls legend had a greater inclination towards baseball, having found a higher success rate there than basketball.

It’s no secret that MJ’s father, James Jordan, wanted him to pursue a career in professional baseball, something His Airness would attempt after his father’s tragic death. Although MJ had the opportunity to place for the White Sox in MLB, he failed to replicate his success in the NBA.

Never had an NBA athlete achieved the success of MJ, especially in the 90s. Jordan’s resounding success helped the NBA reach markets beyond the borders of the United States. The six-time champion has appeared on all billboards, FMCG products, directing commercials, music videos and a feature film.

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In an old clip, MJ confesses to not pursuing the dream of becoming a professional basketball player and how he never succeeded until his later years.

Michael Jordan stumbled upon his dream of playing basketball.

While Jordan imagined himself playing baseball, fate had other plans. The ten-time champion didn’t have much success playing ball in his early childhood years. However, MJ’s work ethic and competitive zeal for achieving greatness was unparalleled.

In an old clip, when asked about tripping on his dream of playing basketball, the Bulls MVP had the following response.

“I imagined myself playing as a kid, playing professional baseball because I started baseball when I was six years old, and I had most of my success as a kid in baseball, and I really didn’t have my success in basketball until my later years, I never pursued that dream of becoming a professional basketball player or even a professional baseball player.

The six-time Finals MVP further added,

“I just played the sport because I loved it and because of the work I put into it. The next thing you know is that success was granted to me without me chasing it. It just happened, I didn’t think I would ever be so successful.

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Luckily, the basketball gods showered MJ with love, who otherwise would have continued playing baseball, robbing us of his greatness on the hardwood.


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