Jared Bednar gets a day with the cup


Jared Bednar naturally developed a fondness for South Carolina. He played and coached for the South Carolina Sting Rays, winning championships in both roles. His main residence is in good condition.

That’s where Jared Bednar had his day with the Stanley Cup today. He will have it in his possession until tomorrow.

NHL.com writer Tom Gulitti was there and took some pictures:

By the way, isn’t it cool that the NHL is doing this, giving players and coaches a full day with the Stanley Cup wherever they want it?

And, how cool would it be to have this job, Phil Pritchard’s? He is the official goalkeeper of the Cup. His literal job is to go wherever the Cup goes. What work. I want this job.

Here’s more on Pritchard, with stories told by him about his previous Cup days with two previous Stanley Cup teams.

The Stanley Cup is undoubtedly the most famous sports trophy, a magnet for all mankind. Everywhere the cup goes, people smile and laugh and want pictures with it. Does anyone do that with the Major League Baseball championship trophy? Or any other sport? No.

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