Jason Benetti move to Fox for college football is his win and ESPN’s loss


September is going to be a busy month for sports betting media. FanDuel TV will debut later this month, with Kay Adams announced last week as one of the platform’s top contributors. The network will enter as a rebrand of horse racing channel TVG, owned by parent company FanDuel, and will focus on sports betting in the morning while continuing to show races during the day.

However, for those who have cut the cord, accessing FanDuel TV might be a little tricky. Similarly, the DraftKings network service they compete with streams exclusively on Sling TV, both on their paid and free platforms, and is not widely available to consumers outside of those networks.

This lack of free and open access to all is one of the things Sean Green hopes to capitalize on. Thursday, September 1 will see the launch of SGPN TV, the video media platform of the Sports Betting Podcast Network. Green, with Ryan Kramer, co-host of The Sports Gaming Podcast, which is the network’s flagship show. SGPN TV will be available for free on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku streaming platforms via downloadable apps. On Thursday, they’ll announce their Super Bowl picks, which they say would include a “20-to-1” winner.

The SGPN site features content from over 60 contributors and offers over 20 different podcasts. Their podcasts, which have a 4.7 rating on Apple Podcasts and a 4.9 rating on Google Play, provide in-depth analysis of multiple leagues and sports, with typically more than a dozen specialty episodes released daily. While watching a show on DraftKings or FanDuel TV, or catching a podcast from other entities, potentially has you digging through tons of material you’re not interested in, SGPN provides its listeners with the sport-specific content they hope to bet.

For someone like me, it’s an invaluable time saver to deliver what I want, when I want it. That said, I have to admit that I had never heard of the site until their press release last week. While doing a deep dive, I was quite impressed with the delivery of their content. While I don’t bet on MMA, the fact that they break down “Contender Series” fights to help find an edge for their listeners shows how committed they are to finding betting edge and delivering content to their consumers. They have found the recipe for success, as they expect to reach over nine million downloads before the end of the calendar year.

Digging through their archives, I discovered a series of “Degen University” podcasts that break down valuable information for those new to sports betting. This included breaking down bet types and how to read lines, which newcomers may struggle with. They did it without being condescending or pushing particular bets, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do for a book.

Launched around the same time as FanDuel TV, I was curious if it would inhibit their ability to attract attention and new consumers of the product. However, Green thinks now is the perfect time to launch the streaming service, as it presents the site with a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the gaming giant’s buzz.

“The timing is definitely not a coincidence,” Green replied when I reached out to him by email to ask this question. “People turning on their smart TVs looking for ‘sports games’ for FanDuel TV may be surprised to see SGPN TV show up in search results and we’re happy to catch their tailwind here.”

Green went on to say that as a small business, sometimes you have to find ways to gain an edge, and those who come across their content will be impressed by what they hear or see.

Although they have an affiliation with WynnBET as a presenting sponsor, Green is quick to point out that unlike many other industry-backed gambling advice shows, he started SGPN after winning a soccer contest. Fantasy DraftKings of $200,000 in 2017. As an independent advice provider that is not “backed” by a book, Green believes it offers more credibility and influence with the average listener, especially compared to someone who advises while promoting a sportsbook that pays their checks.

“Our company, from the beginning, was started simply because we loved talking about sports betting, which we will continue to do regardless of our show’s sponsor. We’ve been here since 2011, before PASPA was repealed, before sports betting became big business and people connected to that authenticity and loved supporting a small business like ours.

Although they don’t have the financial backing of a FanDuel, SGPN TV will be able to afford to offer more free content as they don’t need to recoup the huge costs of hiring a “face”. like Pat McAfee or Kay Adams. Their embedded audience will likely consume the product in its visual form as it can provide additional information beyond what they can hear on the podcast, while new viewers will join in when they experience the product. on their streaming devices. I’m interested to see what kind of sponsorships or partnerships they can develop as well, given their hyper-focused focus on individual sports rather than a ‘catch-all’ approach.

Although he expects FanDuel TV to be a hit, Green says he thinks the content provided on SGPN TV will rival theirs in knowledge and authenticity. “We deliver volume and specialization, diving deeper than anyone in our category. We now have brand recognition and bringing it to the television platform via streaming is a logical extension for SGPN. It’s an exciting time for everyone in the industry.

Green is banking on their free content attracting new fans and thinks their independent status will also help. “FanDuel TV may be the chalky favorite, but we’re the scrappy underdogs – and who doesn’t love supporting a big dog?” In an industry filled with corporate investment and many big names in marketing, it would be great to see SGPN TV succeed and prosper. For my part, I will monitor them and encourage them to do just that.


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