Legend, Darren McCarty, and his Stanley Cup exploits


Hockey legends are as plentiful as any sport. Reggie Jackson is in baseball, Kobe Bryant in basketball and Peyton Manning in football.

Darren McCarty is a hockey legend for many reasons.

His 1997 Stanley Cup Final-winning game for one, with the Detroit Red Wings.

McCarty pocketed the winner, then was on the ice for the final horn and celebration.

“Oh, no, that was Scotty (Bowman),” McCarty told us. “The greatest pride I have is that he trusted me to be there no matter what. Look at all the Hall of Famers I’ve played and rubbed shoulders with, but my Hall of Fame moment is after Scotty retired and after we won the Cups, Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch were throwing a big party Scotty Bowman walked up and he said to me and he said “Hey, D-Mac, I wanted to let you know, one of the things I regret the most is that I didn’t tell my players how much I appreciate them. You’re my second favorite right winger to have played for me next to Guy LaFleur,” and he ran away.

“So, I got that for me, and Guy LaFleur, the flower. Legend. He won four cups first, so I have to accept that, plus he was smoking more packs a day than I could ever do. To me, that’s all that mattered. Boom, mic drop. That’s it. That’s the appreciation I’ve always had from everyone in this organization for what I’ve done.

Legends aren’t built on a single event, McCarty often contributed to that “legend” moniker.

In the 2002 Stanley Cup Playoffs, McCarty took the Red Wings on his back and scored a natural hat trick to break a 2-2 tie and send Detroit to victory in Game 1.

“We have the first game, that’s all.” McCarty said. “You never look ahead. You knew it was war, so it was just a matter of sticking to attrition. I scored a lot of goals on Patrick Roy’s high glove. You come back to the 1997 playoffs, breakaway, glove up. As a right-handed shooter, that’s my place.

“I love Adam Foote because he’s such a warrior and obviously as you get older there’s that respect – but man, I gave him a close shave. He almost took that one in the face, and he There’s no way Roy saw the first. But the second goal I scored, two on the wing, slap shot, glove up, was my favorite. Other than the one that won the Cup, it was my favorite goal I ever scored Just because I would do that shot every day Hockey players we don’t say we’re superstitious but we have routines and my routine was to hit that shot before leaving the ice after each practice.

Every generation needs a legend, and McCarty was asked who in the NHL was worthy to wear his coat in his time.

“I think this kid has more talent, and he’s playing the best minutes, but I’m a little smarter than him, I don’t mess around,” McCarty replied. “I love Tom Wilson. But you have to understand the kid plays the best minutes, he skates, he’s physical, sometimes I question some of his decisions. But I always loved him, he played junior hockey here and he’s such a good boy. He’s a great guy. It’s just that some guys, they go on the ice and there’s an alter ego.

Captions can also make mistakes.

On the other hand, McCarty was asked about his favorite Detroit teammate.

“You know what, Draped [Kris Draper] is my big brother, and Drapes is in charge, but Ozzy [Chris Osgood] and I entered together. McCarty proposed. “Ozzy is the prankster, Ozzy is the little brother, Ozzy is one of my favorite humans.”

McCarty was asked about building an all-time NHL team, a tall order, but one that a legend should be able to do blindfolded.

“Wow. My God,” McCarty replied. “I could do that with old teammates. It’s almost like you’ve seen what it would be like. I’d go Shanahan, Fedorov and Yzerman. We’ve seen it before. that. I would put Lidstrom and Konstantinov and then I would throw Ozzy in the net. Look, the biggest joke is the fact that there’s even an argument that he’s not a Hall of Famer.

“When you have 400 wins, backed up two Cups and won a third as a substitute, I mean to me that’s just the team bias in front of him. But go look at our games, go watch any of them. The hardest job in sports is being a quarterback or a goalie in Detroit. So that’s my choice.

Becoming a legend is what you do on the ice, holding that coat is another. McCarty carried his “legend” status well and made a name for himself in hockey after his career.

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