Let’s talk shop: fired up for football


It’s been a big week of new releases for sports cards, which is always a good week in my book. Like most stores, we have collectors who are ready to pounce when new products hit the shelves.

2022 Panini Donruss Elite Football is among the first to arrive for the new NFL season. It’s sort of a middle ground release in price and quality, but it’s always been a strong seller for us, so we were happy to add a few boxes to our inventory.
Elite is a product that we have ordered many times over the past few years after selling through our initial stock. At present, the best box price online is $340-$375.

Seeing our very first regular season games unfold as well as my already collapsing fantasy week (thanks, Matt Stafford), we also got a few other new football releases for collectors to grab. The 2021 H2 version of Select football is stocked with exclusive Disco Prizm parallel cards.

Select is one of the products I most look forward to every year, so I was excited to see Kyler Murray’s grill on the new box (but yeah, it’s a 2021 product). The best current price is less than $500 at present.

In our particular case, H2 in particular has certainly been very random over the years in the various products in which it is found. I’ll keep you posted and let you know how this particular build is doing for us.

At the end of last week, we received a single box of Optical Basketball 2021-22 from one of our trusted suppliers. Literally just one bulk box. Hey Thanks.

We managed to get a few more ready this week, so we have a respectable amount of product on the shelf for our walk-in customers and for sale online. In cases like these, we order (or request) boxes of product and end up with a few loose boxes. This can result in a frustrating email or call to said vendors.

We’re approaching the final leg of the MLB regular season and heading straight into the playoffs and possibly the Fall Classic. In turn, we got the brand new 2022 Baseball Edition of Jersey Fusion Cards. This is a fun product that combines original cards and memorabilia of the absolute highest standard from all the stars and legendary players of all time.We’ve had a wide range of this product in various sports and have yet to see a player who isn’t a household name featured. We are thrilled to fall for this baseball product and draw our very own jersey card used by the Mickey Mantle game.

The store was busy this week as we also saw a large number of new action figures and other categories entering through the back door and exiting the saleroom to fill our shelves.

As the new football season unfolds, we will see more 2022 football merchandise arrive and collectors will be eager to check out the rookies and impact stars.

The shop is a buzz with pigskin on our minds. I hope everyone is ready for what should be a great football season. We know we are.

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From an early age, Tony has been a huge sports fan. If he could play sports, watch sports and talk about it, it was a great day. As soon as he was drawn to sports, Tony was drawn to collecting sports cards. Little has changed over the years. He collects RCs of star baseball, basketball and football players. He also has a thing for early autographs from MMA stars. If you want to talk to Tony about the greatness of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, or Ken Griffey, Jr., you can reach him at [email protected] and @OffCenterTR on social media.


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