Live Updates: Alabama Baseball vs. No. 19 LSU (Game 2)


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. –After losing a tight 6-5 game to 19 LSU on Friday night, Alabama Baseball is looking to even the series in Game 2 on Saturday at Sewell-Thomas Stadium.

The Crimson Tide enters the game with an overall record of 25-21 and are 9-13 in SEC play with eight conference games remaining. The Tigers, meanwhile, are currently 31-14 overall and 13-9 in the SEC.

Alabama and LSU are scheduled for a first pitch at 7:30 p.m. CT. The game will be broadcast on SEC Network.


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Live updates

Final score: Alabama 8, USL 3

Top 9

  • Morgan failed in second place. LSU initially contested the appeal, but the appeal was upheld. Ball game.
  • The crews drew a full march. Two out, runners in the corners.
  • Pearson was second, Dugas advanced to third. Two out.
  • Doughty hit swinging, Dugas stole second base. One out.
  • Dugas was walking. Runner first, no one comes out.

Bottom 8

  • Tamez knocked. End of round.
  • Williamson chose the middle. Eblin scored. 8-3 Alabama.
  • Pinckney flew into foul territory, Eblin took third. Two out.
  • Jarvis tapped a sack bunt and was sent off first. Eblin passes second.
  • Eblin drew a walk. Runner first, nobody for Jarvis.

Top 8

  • Stevenson hit while swinging on a ball in the dirt, initially thrown by Tamez. Three out.
  • McManus knocked. Two out.
  • Jobert began to search. One out.
  • Tommy Seidl replaces Diodati in left field.
  • Dylan Ray will replace Leger on the mound. Final line for Light: 1.1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 22 TP/13 ST.

Bottom 7

  • Rose hit while swinging. Side retired in order.
  • Diodati struck while swinging. Two out.
  • Denton lined up on center field. One out.

Top 7

  • Thompson flew to the warning track on the right, and it’s time to stretch at The Joe.
  • Morgan failed in second place. Two out.
  • Crews hit a two-run homer. 7-3 Alabama. Another out.
  • Leger is called for a denial, bumping Doughty to second overall.
  • Pearson started looking. One out.
  • Doughty picked in the center. Runner first, no one comes out.

Bottom 6

  • Hamiter bowed out in third place. End of round.
  • Tamez doubled into the corner of left field. Runner second, two outs for Hamiter.
  • Williamson hit while swinging. Two out.
  • Pinckney hit while swinging. One out.

Top 6

  • Dugas flew out to left field. Three out.
  • Jake Leger replaces McNairy on the mound for Alabama. Final line for McNairy: 5.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 7 K, 102 TP/60 ST.
  • Stevenson hit while swinging. Two out.
  • McManus scored from the left side. Runner first, one out.
  • Jobert flew to the center. One out.

Bottom 5

  • Jarvis flew to the center. Three out.
  • Eblin has flown into fetid territory. Two out.
  • Rose flew to the warning track at center left, where Crews made a huge catch. One out.
  • The new pitcher for LSU is Ty Floyd, a second-year right-hander.

Top 5

  • Thompson flew to the warning track on the right, and the Tigers leave three runners on base.
  • Morgan hit while swinging. Two less.
  • The crews are isolated on the right, the riders advance from one base. Bases loaded, one for Morgan.
  • Pearson drew a walk. Runners on first and second, one out.
  • Doughty hit while swinging. One out.
  • Merrifield was hit by the pitch and will take a walk to first.

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Bottom 4

  • Diodati flew to the warning track in right field. Three out.
  • Denton started looking. Two out.
  • Hamiter had a brace clearing goals and then went third on an E9. 7-1 Alabama. One out, third-row runner for Denton.
  • Tamez drew a walk. The runners are now first and second with one out.
  • Williamson blasted a baseball so high into the infield that he had time to reach second place as the ball bounced in and then out of the LSU shortstop’s glove. E6. Runner second with one out for Tamez.
  • Pinckney was grounded to short. One out.

Top 4

  • Stevenson hit while swinging. Side has retired.
  • McManus flew to the center. Two out.
  • Jobert walked. Runner first, one out.
  • Thompson fell short in third place. One out.

Bottom 3

  • Jarvis struck out to end the inning.
  • Eblin finished third, both riders advancing. Runners second and third with two outs for Jarvis.
  • Rose hit a single down the left side, Diodati advanced for second place. Eblin to the plate.
  • Diodati drew a march of four lengths. Runner first, one out for Rose.
  • Denton flew to the left. One out.

Top 3

  • Morgan failed first and the Tigers left two runners on base.
  • McNairy dove Crews on the first throw of the stick. Runners on first and second, two out.
  • Pearson selected midfielder and LSU has a two-out baserunner.
  • Doughty was eliminated in second place. Two out.
  • Merrifield bowed out in third place. One out.

Bottom 2

  • Hamiter began to search. Three out.
  • Tamez hit looking. Two eliminated, Williamson the first.
  • Williamson reached first on picking a defender. Pinckney out at second, Jarvis scored. 5-1 Alabama.
  • A wild pitch sent the ball bouncing off the backstop, Eblin slid across the plate and just beat the tag. Pinckney walked. 4-1 Alabama. Riders in the turns with no one out.
  • Jarvis went second on a wild pitch. Runners on first and second, nobody for Pinckney.
  • Jarvis lays down a sack bunt and a pitching error goes over the first baseman’s head. Rose scored, Eblin went third. Jarvis initially stayed. 3-1 Alabama. Still nobody.
  • Eblin drew a four-pitch march. Runners in first and second with no one for Jarvis.
  • Rose slipped into second with a first double that was hit along the left field line. Second runner, nobody for Eblin.

Top 2

  • Stevenson retired the swing and LSU leaves a runner blocked.
  • McManus drew a two-out walk.
  • McNairy hit Jobert. Two out.
  • Thompson fell short in third place. A far.

Bottom 1

  • Diodati failed in a double game.
  • Denton drew a walk. The bases are loaded again, this time for Diodati.
  • Hamiter hit a sack-fly to the warning trail left. Runners on the second and third beacons. Pinckney scored. 2-1 Alabama. Runners at corners with one out and Denton at home plate.
  • And just like that, Money’s day is done on the mound. Freshman Grant Taylor is the Tigers’ new pitcher.
  • Tamez chose left. All runners advance with one bag. Bases loaded, nobody for Hamiter.
  • Williamson drew another four-length march. Runners in first and second with no one for Tamez.
  • Pinckney scored down the left side, Jarvis scored. 1-1 draw. Still no one as Williamson comes to the plate.
  • Jarvis went second on a passed ball.
  • Jarvis drew a four-pitch walk. Runner first, nobody for Pinckney.

Top 1

  • Morgan was eliminated first. Side has retired.
  • Crews absolutely demolished a ball over the wall in center field for a solo home run. 1-0 Tigers.
  • Eblin makes a diving catch worthy of a web gem to put Pearson away. Two out.
  • Doughty hit while swinging. One out.
  • McNairy’s first pitch is a called strike, and we’re underway at The Joe.


  • Local TV icon and ABC 33/40 weatherman James Spann threw the first pitch:
  • The referees of the day:
    • HP: Jason Milsap
    • 1B: Scott Cline
    • 2B: Hank Himmanen
    • 3B: Clint Lawson
  • Weather: 72 degrees, clear with southerly winds over 10 mph
  • The starting roster for Alabama can be found below.
  • Starting lineup for LSU:
    • 1. Cade Doughty (2B)
    • 2. Josh Pearson (RF)
    • 3. Dylan Crews (FC)
    • 4. Tre’Morgan (1B)
    • 5. Jordan Thompson (SS)
    • 6. Brayden Jobert (DH)
    • 7. Tyler McManus (C)
    • 8. Josh Stevenson (LF)
    • 9. Jack Merrifield (3B)
    • Starting Pitcher: RHP Blake Money

Alabama starting lineup

Andrew Pinckney
Drew Williamson, Xavier Series 2022
Dominique Tamez
William Hamiter, Xavier Series 2022
Zane Denton, Alabama third baseman
Owen Diodati
Caden Rose, McNeese State, February 19, 2021
Bryce Eblin
Alabama pitcher Jacob McNairy (34) tees off for the Crimson Tide in Game 2 of the weekend series with Georgia on Saturday, April 23, 2022 at Sewell-Thomas Stadium.

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