Luke Mullin: The secret is out. Vandy baseball hires Cam Kozeal as well as they come to Nebraska | High school baseball


Cam Kozeal of Millard South throws the first for an out during a Class A State Baseball game on May 17 at Haymarket Park.

Omaha World-Herald file photo

Even when Cam Kozeal was a freshman going through the first practices of his high school baseball career, it didn’t take long for Millard South coach Greg Geary to recognize he had the potential to ‘be special.

The absence of a Spring 2020 season due to COVID-19 has kept this revelation a secret for some time, but Kozeal’s talents are no longer a secret. Seven months after playing his first game of varsity baseball, Kozeal announced his commitment to varsity baseball powerhouse Vanderbilt.

“It was definitely a crazy year,” Kozeal said.

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The state has seen an increase in baseball talent over the past decade, and naturally many of the state’s top players have ended up with Nebraska. But, the real movers and shakers of the college baseball world?

Austin Schultz from Norris went to Kentucky, a program that hosted seven NCAA tournaments, Logan Foster from Lincoln Southwest signed with Texas A&M, and Cole Stobbe from Millard West was scheduled to attend Arkansas before signing a professional contract. Norris sophomore Kale Fountain, who enlisted in Florida State at age 14, is also in the process of becoming Nebraska’s top baseball rookie.

Kozeal’s achievement always stands out above them all.

The Vanderbilt baseball program has played for a national title each of the past two seasons, won one, and made the NCAA tournament each of the past 15 seasons. While not as dominant, it’s like Ohio State football or Duke basketball entering Nebraska for their talent. Considering varsity baseball coaches only have 11.7 scholarships available to split between their roster, it’s also a testament to Kozeal’s skills that Vanderbilt offered him a full scholarship.


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