Penguins Prospect Vacancy, Female Fans Find Hockey


The Stanely Cup will be in the locked vault inside the Amalie Arena on Sunday evening. If the Colorado Avalanche win, it’s up to them to party, fuss and abuse in the greatest of sporting traditions. If Tampa Bay wins, the case remains closed, the teams return to Denver, all the pressure in the world on the Avalanche. The Pittsburgh Penguins promoted Tom Kostopoulos to director of player development, and Dave Molinari examined the incredible lack of prospect development in the Penguins organization. NHL Trade Rumors About JT Miller Now Include Toronto? !

Alex Ovechkin scored a goal on his professional football debut. And young fans are learning about hockey…and they’re loving it.

Well of course they are! Baseball is better as a video game. Soccer? Long ago became a tedious march of yellow flags with rules most don’t understand (illegal formation? Tight end was half a step ahead of tackle. What!?) and lost its soul without a good ground game.

But hockey… is finally making sense. Notwithstanding Jacob Trouba’s imitation of Tito Santana’s flying elbows.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Where are the prospects? The Penguins have traded most of their first-round picks over the past decade, but very few others have moved up the ranks. Davey takes a look at the Pittsburgh Penguins shortage.

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NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Washinton Hockey Now: It was legit, unlike one of Vlad Putin’s hockey goals. He hits and scores. In his Russian football debut, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored.

Now about this country invading a sovereign nation under flimsy pretexts and bombing civilian areas. I haven’t forgotten Ukraine…

Sportsnet: If a good player is available, he should go to the Toronto Maple Leafs. At least this time, it can’t be said that Miller would go home. JT Miller in Toronto?

Vancouver Hockey Now: Tyson Barrie trade talks are heating up and the Canucks need right-backs. Wrong. The Vancouver Canucks are chatting.

TSN: The NHL is growing with younger fans and female fans. Welcome to the party!

Montreal Hockey Now: Pierre McGuire called this draft class not very good. Then Craig Button offered a second opinion. Analysis of the 2022 NHL Draft.

Boston: The Bruins will get Patrice Bergeron for at least one more season, and as Joe Haggerty writes, that saves Boston from uncomfortable decisions for one more year. Boston Bruins cover.

Detroit: The fifth update on the search for Red Wings coaches. It obviously won’t be Barry Trotz. So who’s in line for the Detroit Red Wings?

San Jose: Many of you have mentioned Brent Burns as a replacement for Kris Letang. I disagree, but Sheng Peng writes that Burns, at 37, is still doing exceptional things. A force of the San Jose Sharks.


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