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The guys and I have decided to hire safety for this summer’s fantasy football draft.

While, most seasons, Butch’s dog serves as a very alert and watchful guard for the activities of the day, today we know the world is a much “wilder and crazier” place and, therefore, we add Kenny’s dog to the mix, as well.

Why not? This way there will be more “barks and bites” to oversee the event.

Whereas, most draft days Chad, Rich, Stu, Tim or Steve behave well, well, there was that incident three years ago when… oops, I almost forgot the rules of our league – “what happens at Butch on draft day stays at Butch.

Believe me, Missy deserves a gold star from all of us for what she overlooks.

Probably more leagues would have more fun if they ran their business the way we run ours. Maybe we should suggest that to Tommy Pham.

Pham recently made national headlines not for his stellar play with the Cincinnati Reds, but rather for slapping San Francisco giant Joc Pederson during batting practice over a feud Pham had with Pederson in their fantasy football league.

Now, I’m here to tell you this morning that none of us – not one – has ever slapped another. Never. Trash talk – yes. Physical altercation – no.

Can you imagine two professional athletes involved in an altercation like this?

But the plot thickens…

One of Major League Baseball‘s number one stars, Mike Trout, is the commissioner of the league in which Pham and Pederson compete. If you want to join the league, you’ll need a special invite and a cool $10,000 to participate each year.

Yes, you read that right – $10,000.

Obviously, managing a fantasy football team in northeast Michigan is very different. Instead of being a “caviar and champagne” league with a right to participate like that, we are more of a “kids and beer” type group. Heck, some of us – like me – usually only have a coke in the draft day war room.

And, yes, money changes hands in our league, but nothing in the range these guys were dealing with.

Looking at the results of the last few seasons, our money has been fairly evenly split between us over the years, which speaks to the parity that exists in the coaching skills of the participants each year.

Even yours truly coached a team to victory and a first place finish recently.

According to Get Sports Info, an internet sports news site, last year 45.9 million people in the United States played some kind of fantasy sports game. Of this amount, 78% participated in fantasy football.

Our league looks forward to the start of another season. As NFL mini-camps will soon open practices, our eyes will be perusing the NFL camp news every day in the newspaper to find out who looks good and who doesn’t. We’ll read about who is recovering from an injury and who is keeping the camp due to a contract dispute.

And, yes, we will all plan who will bring which pot-sharing dishes to the draft.

And no, Tommy Pham will not be invited.

Bill Speer recently retired as publisher and editor of The News. He can be reached at [email protected]

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