Russ Sukow Memorial Golf Outing Donates To Merrill Youth Hockey Association


Brothers, family and friends, play for fun and raise funds for a good cause


Sid Sukow and Mort Sukow, brothers of the late Russ Sukow, who died on January 21, 2013 at the age of 69 from carotid artery surgery, enjoy getting together with family and friends to play golf , remember Russ, and raise money for a good cause.
Most years they raise money for a cause related to their brother, Russ, or to support a sport he played in the past.
Each year, proceeds from the Russ Sukow Memorial Golf Outing are donated to a different charitable cause in the area. This year, the Golf Outing took place on June 19, 2021 and raised nearly $ 500. [“I threw in a few bucks to make the $500.” Sid said.]
Merrill Youth Hockey Association receives profits
The Merrill Youth Hockey Association was the recipient of this year’s revenue.
Carmen Klug, board member of the Merrill Youth Hockey Association; with brothers and hockey players Lucas and Peyton Hagenbucher; met brothers Sid and Mort at the memorial stone that sits at the edge of Merrill Golf Course in memory of Russ Sukow. It’s on the hole where Russ “started, and he shot out of bounds, and he equalized the hole,” said Sid, sharing the story of his brother Russ and his golfing title. “He hit the ball out of bounds, he played his third shot again and he hit his fourth shot in the hole 400 yards. He got a peer, ”Sid said. His expression shows both pride and love for the brother who is no longer around to play a few rounds with him on a great day of golf.
Sid and Mort presented representatives of the Merrill Youth Hockey Association with a check for $ 500.
The board of directors of the Merrill Youth Hockey Association will decide where the funds will be used, likely at their meeting on Sunday August 8, Stacy Hagenbucher [mother of the two hockey players] and Klug says. They hope the funds will be used to purchase equipment.
“All the players who want to play and can’t afford to buy their gear on their own – we buy it all, so we’re constantly updating and trying to make sure we have good gear for people.” use. Klug said. “We don’t charge anything for it. That’s probably what we’ll suggest, and hopefully the board will agree.
A really fun golf outing
“We had 36 full teams – 144 golfers,” said Sid. They advertise the release online and on the golf course. “We cut it down to 36; we just want that. That’s two teams per hole. If you have more than that, you end up with three teams per hole, and it gets too slow. “
“It’s an interesting outing,” he shared. “They put two holes in the green, and you don’t know where the other hole is. Obviously there is the hole with the flag in it, but then the mysterious hole will be cut out, maybe 30 feet to the left. You don’t know it’s there until you get there. So when you punch and you’re like, “Oh, man, did I miss that shot! And you go up there, and your ball could be so far [he indicated a few inches with his fingers] from the other hole. And you can put it in this hole.
Essentially, players have two more chances to get a good shot.
“It’s really, really fun, and I think that’s why it’s so popular,” Sid said. “And it’s because of my brother. I mean, everyone loved him, and we got quite a few people from Gleason coming in because they knew him so well. [The Sukow family corporately owns property on Doering Pond near Gleason and has multiple cabins out there. The grandfather of the Sukow brothers was a logger, and hence the name of their corporation, Doering Logging, LLC.]
Each year, they take this fun time and turn it into a donation to a good cause.
“We’re trying to do a sport that he played,” Sid said. At least as a rule, anyway. “We donated to the Merrill Baseball Association, last year was Jessi’s wish – they didn’t have their fundraiser because of COVID last year, so we thought it would be a good year for them. donate the $ 500. “
“We gave Gleason first responders because we have a cabin and a bunch of land in Gleason, so we donated to them a few years ago,” he said. “Then we gave it to the Merrill Baseball Association, now it’s Merrill Hockey [Association], and next year it’s probably going to be bowling, bowling.


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