Second passport, what are its advantages?

Personal and financial freedom

A residence visa, as well as a second passport or a dual nationality, are convenient for various reasons and provide numerous advantages. As a double nationality holder, you can have free access to a multitude of countries, the freedom to work and do business around the world, and as if that were not enough, you can live the life you choose, without too much interference. part of the state.

Speed ​​and safety

Obtaining a dual nationality, dual citizenship, or a second passport through us, is a fast and safe process. Our efforts are one hundred percent legal and we work with duly authorized agents, coming from different countries.

Protection of your legacy

There are several risk factors that could jeopardize your estate, which was probably amassed through long years of hard work, or that has been in the family for several generations and that represents the precious family legacy that you would like to leave behind. children. Obtaining a dual nationality or citizenship will give you the possibility to diversify your assets and protect your capital.

Why obtain a double nationality?

Here are some of the reasons why you might need a dual nationality

  • If the political situation in your country makes it difficult for you to obtain visas and the possibility of traveling to other jurisdictions.
  • If in your country of origin you are restricted in the use of certain currencies.
  • If you consider that the tax burden of your country is too large.
  • If your assets are at risk of litigation.
  • If your current citizenship puts you at the mercy of extremist groups.
  • If your freedom to work and / or invest is restricted by the legislation of your country of origin.

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