Skull session: Keith Byars talks about the Buckeye Brotherhood, Emeka Egbuka plans to play baseball, Cameron Brown shuts down Penn State


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Word of the day: Dark.

“MANY SCHOOLS ARE JEALOUS.” Guys like Keith Byars, Eddie George and Ezekiel Elliott are decades and generations apart and really only have Buckeye football in common.

But at Ohio State, that’s more than enough.

“There will be fans who will remember every touchdown from when I played, and there will be fans in the stadium who weren’t even born when I played,” Byars said, “but it was one of the reasons I chose Ohio State when I was 16, 17, 18. I heard that Ohio State alumni were the best alumni in the world. you do something, they will remember it for life, and I wanted to be a part of that legacy. The state of Ohio was well established long before I was born, and when it was my turn to choose a university, I said, “This is a legacy that I want to be a part of.”

“You hear them talking about the ‘Brotherhood of Buckeyes’ and things of that nature – it’s a real thing,” Byars said. “So when we get together – guys like Eddie George, Raymont Harris, Mike Doss, Ryan Shazier, Zeke Elliott, Archie Griffin – when we’re all in the same room, we sit down and just talk about the brotherhood of what is going on in Ohio state right now. How it was when we were there and what we expect from future players. That’s the majority of our conversation.

“A lot of schools are jealous of it because they don’t see it. I’m on a Buckeye Cancer Cruise and it’s nothing to me, Zeke Elliott and other guys sitting around playing cards and laughing and joking about each other, guys from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000. We have that kind of connection.

Now, how much would you all pay to be a fly hanging on the wall in this room that Byars is talking about?

A NICE MAN. TreVeyon Henderson is like a touchdown time bomb every time he hits the pitch – he could deliver a touchdown anytime. It turns out that he brings the same energy with his kindness.

It’s just a story, but if you read between the lines it tells you more than enough about his character to know that he’s probably a regular thing.

He was instantly and instinctively generous as soon as he heard of a need, and he never flaunted his gift or made a big deal out of it publicly. It doesn’t sound like someone who just gave a once in a lifetime gift. It sounds like a kind, selfless, loving person.

It made me a bigger fan than anything he could have done on the football field (although he already won me over with Arby’s approval deal, if we’re honest).

ATHLETE TWO SPORTS? In a very specific coincidence, JT Tuimoloau is not the only five-star prospect ranked at the top of his post in Washington state to have signed with Ohio State which plans to play multiple sports in Ohio State.

Turns out Emeka Egbuka is a true baseball star and you could still see him on the diamond for the Buckeyes.

You talked about playing different sports growing up. If you weren’t a footballer, what sport would you play?

Definitely baseball. I still consider myself a baseball player even though I haven’t picked up the bat for a while. But it was something I was considering going to college with the best schools I spoke to before I got involved here. They all gave me the opportunity to play baseball in college. So it was something that I was seriously considering. Something I could continue to study, but with the schedule and everything, I just have to see how hard it would be for me to do it.

ON CONTAINMENT. Cameron Brown has had some bad luck with injuries so far this season (and obviously last season), but when he’s healthy …

Word is, he’s probably the fastest player on the roster. And when he was playing earlier in the season, he was limping noticeably while he was covering – which isn’t ideal when your legs are arguably your biggest physical asset.

But if Saturday is any indication of the player he can be when he’s feeling good, then I feel good too.

Don’t look now, but the Ohio State high school is emerging as a force – just not third against Penn State, apparently.

ALL ON THE SAME TEAM. I said mean things about Penn State this weekend and I will continue to say those mean things for the rest of my life on this turning rock, but it’s a useful reminder that even though I want my team football guts out all the other football teams, we’re actually all on the same team.

Congratulations on beating cancer and pulling off a perfect 1-0 as a Buckeye fan. You are welcome aboard this bandwagon for what I hope will be many decades of health.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Beautiful people” by Pomplamoose.

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