The main strength of every potential starting QB


Texas A&M football team’s quarterback competition set to heat up with team’s first spring scrimmage in the rearview mirror

The Texas A&M football team hosts one of the best quarterback competitions in the nation, including three players who will fight for the starting spot. These players are Haynes King, Conner Weigman and Max Johnson.

Each of these quarterbacks has drastically different strengths and could earn the starting spot all throughout this summer.

Texas A&M had its first scrum today (March 26), giving Fisher and the rest of the coaching staff their first look at the three candidates. But what should coaches expect from every player? Here’s the core strength of every Aggie quarterback as the spring ball intensifies.

Haynes King: Athletics

All three quarterbacks this year are relatively athletic. After a season of watching Zach Calzada, who doesn’t often jam, Texas A&M fans will see an upgrade in speed and speed.

When it comes to pure speed, Haynes King is your man at QB. The original Aggies starter from last season clocked over 22 miles per hour – a speed that only two other players on the entire team have reached.

When you watch King play, his speed is evident. Although extremely elusive in the pocket, reminiscent of Johnny Manziel, his top speed is the most impressive part of his game. catch up.

Max Johnson: Experience

As a transfer, Max Johnson finds himself in an interesting position in this quarterback competition. Having the former LSU starter around gives Texas A&M an extremely high floor at quarterback — Johnson has a full year of SEC experience under his belt.

King was the starter for Texas A&M for a full game and to be honest, he didn’t have an amazing performance. Weigman, despite his obvious talent, is a freshman and will need to do some serious leg work to compete with the big boys.

Conner Weigman: Arm Talent

Of the three quarterbacks, Conner Weigman appears to be the least likely to earn the starting spot. Generally speaking, you don’t see an excess of true freshman quarterbacks starting on teams hoping to make the college football playoffs.

That said, Weigman easily has the highest ceiling of all these guys. The former five-star prospect also plays for the baseball team – he can pitch football.

There’s no way to tell how quickly he’ll adapt to the college football level. That said, sooner would be better. If Weigman can, at the very least, scare off Johnson and King in this positional battle, A&M will get strong production from this spot.


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