If you’ve been to stadiums lately, you know that music plays a big part in getting the crowd excited.

Someone you may know is behind this musical magic.

Pat Frazer, an English teacher at Liberty High and longtime Eagles basketball coach, is the music and sound operator for the Fredericksburg Nationals minor league baseball team.

It’s Frazer’s job on match days to select high octane songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N ‘Roses or “Enter Sandman” by Metallica to play over the PA system when players. walk towards the plate or during lulls in play.

“To be honest, I never thought the opportunity would ever present itself,” said Frazer, who has worked for the past 10 years as an announcer at home football and baseball games. Liberty, where he also plays music.

“I knew I had to take my chances, even though I teach and still coach. “

When the Potomac Nationals moved from Woodbridge to Fredericksburg in 2020, they needed staff for their sparkling new 5,000-seat stadium. The team is the low branch of the Class A minor league for the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals began hiring people to fill the many daily positions and made announcements across multiple outlets, including social media in late winter 2020.

Becca Bowman, Frazerthe girlfriend of, saw an ad on Facebook and relayed it to her. His fond memories of his early days in the sport led him to apply for the position of announcer. Frazer recently said his love affair with the sport began while playing in the Fauquier County Youth League.

“My moments in this league, especially when I was 9-12 (years old), were some of the best of my childhood and my life,” Frazer said of those beautiful days. He will also coach in the league for 10 years, starting at the age of 15.

“I have always loved baseball and not just the game, but the whole atmosphere of the game”, Frazer continued. “Whenever I go there, I’ve always paid attention to the music and the PA announcer.

“Ever since college, I’ve always thought about getting involved in baseball, but I thought of more when I retired,” the Liberty coach said, noting that his three biggest desires were ‘teach, coach and advertise.

“At Liberty I had the opportunity to do all three. The administration has supported me and really supported me,” he said, adding that Bowman “has been with me every step of the way. process”.

Frazer points out that he enjoys teaching and coaching at Liberty, and he admits that he thought a path to professional baseball was unlikely.

“To be honest, I never thought the opportunity would ever present itself,” he admitted, but he jumped at the opportunity. “I knew I had to take my chances, even though I teach and still coach.”

The road to his current concert was winding. He auditioned to be the team’s lead announcer against an estimated field of over 100 candidates. He was not hired, but described the process as “a great experience.”

He still wanted to be involved in the team and was interviewed to be their scorer on March 13, 2020. It was the same day that the national state of emergency was declared due to the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis and triggered a hiring freeze by the baseball club. . The season was then canceled on June 30.

When 2021 arrived, Frazer thought he would throw his hat in the ring again for a team position. Production manager Zhancheng Wu “saw my resume and thought I’d be good at handling music and sound,” and he had a job.

Before the season itself, Frazer made the music for several high school games held at the stadium. He also selected the music and sound effects of a melee between the teams of taxis of the Nationals and the Orioles.

“They were guys who were going to eventually play for the Major League teams, but since the AAA season was saved, they’ve been playing scrimmages to stay in shape,” he said. “My best memory was playing ‘Baby Shark’ for Geraldo Para’s walk up song. I had no idea he would be there, but I was ready just in case.”

The team’s music library was very basic with the new 5,000-seat stadium in its early days. Frazer estimates that it loaded between 300 and 400 songs and over 300 sound effects.

“I am constantly on the lookout for different songs and sounds that would be perfect for the stadium”, Frazer said, adding that he had received significant assistance from sound operators for the Tampa Rays and Lancaster Barnstormers.

“They helped me send me a ton of material. It really got me started,” he said, noting that the actual games were revealing.

“It was a bit of a shock. Managing music and sound is a major commitment,” he said, noting that everyone is serious about their tasks, but the production is a team effort and he benefited from it. “They were very supportive, and I feel like I’m getting better with every game.”

Frazer finds his two favorite tasks are to involve fans and play songs for opposing teams.

He spoke with several people and researched what songs to play for players from other teams who play their names. These choices shouldn’t be a high-energy number, but rather a humorous song.

For example, he could play the Flintstones theme song for a player named Fred. The popular prime-time animated comedy aired from 1960 to 1966 and had a main character named Fred Flintstone.

“I don’t know if anyone realizes the correlation, but I’m sure some do,” he said, adding that the start of the season doesn’t mean the job is done.

“I always add things to the soundboard”, Frazer said, pointing out the working hours before home games and even during road trips. “I take this job very seriously and do my best to give the fans a good show.”

Frazer have fun with new challenges. He even became the main announcer for some matches.

Could this continue? Perhaps.

“I really like doing this, but I’ll take it one year at a time” Frazer noted.

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