Top of the Morning, Sep 18, 2021 | Boys basketball


Leconte Nix has gotten to know many bus drivers in the Champaign School District on long trips to see football, basketball and baseball games.

So when the boys’ basketball coach at Champaign Central saw the year start off hard for the understaffed transportation department, including an incident last week in which a bus was hit by a bullet , he decided that his team should show their appreciation.

On Friday morning, Nix and senior captains Dwayne Hubbard and AJ Williams brought coffee and donuts to the transportation department.

“They’ve been through it lately,” Nix said. “They had a tough week last week and they have a shortage. I wanted to do something for them. I wanted our basketball players to show them their appreciation. They don’t hear enough that they are needed and they are appreciated.

After 17 seasons as an assistant, Nix returned to the interim head coach position this summer. Even before the season started, he wanted to make sure his players were grateful to the staff who serve them.

“Without them there is no us,” Nix said. “They are everything. It’s like any other relationship, you have to feed the mouth that feeds you. We have to take care of the people who take care of us, so it’s just a small gesture to let them know that we are thinking of them.

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