Utah basketball had a transfer problem, Mark Pope had success


In recent years, a big story surrounding the Utah Runnin ‘Utes has been that they’ve had a major problem with the transfer of players from the program under former head coach Larry Krystkowiak. But in the age of the transfer portal, has it really been any worse in Utah than in most places?

Recently, Athletic Director U’s Eli Boettger, who promotes himself as “a learning platform designed to provide news and ideas to empower the varsity athletics community,” took a deep dive on the subject of transfers within men’s college basketball in particular, and his findings indicate that the Utes really did have a transfer problem.

Boettger’s study dates back to 2012, and during that time he found that Utah had transferred 42 players, which is tied for second in the country with UNLV, just one behind “leader” Mississippi Valley. State.

Elsewhere in the study, Boettger found that BYU Cougars head coach Mark Pope was one of the most successful coaches with transfers dating back to his time at the UVU.

According to Boettger’s figures, Pope is eighth in average win share per season by transfer additions and 10th in minutes played percentage by transfer additions.

While Utah saw a group of players transfer, UVU is tied with four other schools for the sixth-highest number of transfers during the study period at 27.

Some other notes from the study:

  • Men’s basketball has the second highest transfer rate of all NCAA sports at 15.3% in 2019. Men’s football is the highest at 18.6%. Baseball is the lowest at 2.3%. FBS football, by comparison, has a transfer rate of just 4.6% (FCS football is 7.2%).
  • Men’s basketball transfers have exactly tripled since 2012, from 577 that year to 1,731 this year.
  • The study looks at a number of other topics, such as where players transfer to and from and the impact of transfers on their new programs, among others.


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