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Harry Kramer of Redlands signs with New England Wolves.

Stephanie Kramer called this a “whim”.

About 10 years ago, Stephanie and her husband Wayne Kramer took their young son Harry to an Ontario Reign hockey game, thinking it would be a fun outing.

It has become more. Much more.

Soon, Harry Kramer, 15, the second student at Redlands High, will be heading to Laconia, New Hampshire, to play for the New England Wolves U16AAA team. The Wolves play under the umbrella of USA Hockey within the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association. This is a serious step for Kramer in what he hopes will be a professional career.

“I’m leaving August 16,” Kramer said. “I’m a little nervous, but I’m an independent person. I’m excited.”

Ten years ago, hockey was a mystery to the Redlands youngster until that crucial Reign game.

“A minute into the game he turned to us and said, ‘This is what I want to do.’ », Declared Stéphanie. “We thought so, we are not a hockey family and the game is really tough.”

But the Kramers went ahead, buying season tickets for Reign and taking their son to Riverside Ice Palace where they rented skates for him.

“There were coaches from the children’s academy there and they said, ‘How long has your son been skating? », Declared Stéphanie. “We said, ‘Oh, about 20 minutes. They told us to shoot him again and they would teach him to skate and use a stick.

Kramer was a quick study. The Redlands boy delighted spectators in his pre-teens by scoring goals and then sliding across the ice on his knees. Family and friends showed their approval by knocking on the glass.

Kramer rose through the youth ranks and last season scored 12 goals and collected 19 assists as a forward for the Orange County Hockey Club. In the middle of last year, he was invited to a trial in New Hampshire and was part of the team. He has signed with the club and will play at the highest level of his age group.

The student-athlete is part of the RISE (Redlands Independent StudyEducation) program and will be taking his classes online while living with a host family in New Hampshire. He hopes to referee a few hockey games in parallel.

“It’s a beautiful city and I’m super excited for the trip ahead of me,” Kramer said.

After the season ends in March, Kramer returns to Redlands High and wants to play baseball for the Terriers.

Hockey is his passion, however, and at 5-10, 180 pounds, he has the physique for the tough sport. He hopes to refine his game enough to make it a career.

“I love how fast and difficult it is,” Kramer said. “It’s super fun to play. I would like to play in the juniors (16-21 years old), then in college and maybe one day in the pros.


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