WIAA announces men’s basketball section pairings for 2022-23


The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) has released its section pairings for men’s basketball.

Registration thresholds for each division:

* Division 1 — 71 schools with enrollment of 1,200 or more students.

* Division 2 — 89 schools with enrollment between 600 and 1,199.

* Division 3 — 100 schools with enrollment between 319 and 599.

* Division 4 — 100 schools with enrollment between 189 and 318.

* Division 5 — 128 schools with an enrollment of 188 and under.

Section groupings:

Division 1 (71 schools)
Division 2 (89 schools)
Division 3 (100 schools)
Division 4 (100 schools)
Division 5 (128 schools)
Total: 488

Division changes for the 2022-23 WIAA Playoffs:

New Division 1 Schools
Green Bay Southwest
(Workforce: 1,220, former D2)
(Workforce: 1,228, former D2)
(Workforce: 1,252, former D2)
North Oshkosh
(Workforce: 1,229, former D2)
Sun Paririe West
(New school)

New Division 2 Schools
Martin Luther
(Workforce: 631, former D3)
Marshall of Milwaukee
(Workforce: 1,009, former D1)
(Workforce: 1,187, former D1)
(Workforce: 601, former D3)
East Wauwatosa
(Workforce: 1,070, former D1)

New Division 3 Schools
Audubon Technology
(Staff: 383, previous co-op program with Milwaukee Hamilton)
(Workforce: 324, former D4)
(Workforce: 320, former D4)
Milwaukee Academy of Sciences
(Workforce: 366, former D4)
New Glarus
(Workforce: 323, former D4)
Saint Augustine preparation
(Squad: 576, new playoff team)

New Division 4 Schools
(Workforce: 214, former D5)
Blair Taylor
(Workforce: 189, Previous D5)
(Workforce: 195, former D5)
(Workforce: 319, former D3)
(Workforce: 311, former D3)
Menominee Indian
(Workforce: 312, former D3)
New Holstein
(Workforce: 311, former D3)
(Workforce: 196, former D5)
(Workforce: 214, former D5)
(Workforce: 308, former D3)

New Division 5 Schools
Chesterton Academy
(Staff: 91, new WIAA program)
Cochrane-Fountain City
(Workforce: 184, former D4)
Elmwood/Plum City
(Workforce: 177, former D4)
Town of Glenwood
(Workforce: 188, former D4)
Christian heritage
(Workforce: 179, former D4)
(Workforce: 25, return after a year’s absence)
(Workforce: 175, former D4)


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